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Stone Cure Medicine Combo (1 Syrup + 1 Powder)


  • Flush Out Kidney Stone, Gall Bladder Stone, Ureter Stone.
  • Helps Quick Stone Dissolution.
  • Stops Regeneration of Stones.
  • Instant Relief in Pain, Act as Natural Pain Killer.
  • Treats Urine Related Problems.
  • Corrects Liver Functioning.
  • Improves digestive system.
  • 100 % Natural & Safe.
  • Certified By AYUSH | GMP | WHO.
  • Zero Side Effects.
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Stone-Cure treatment is a Natural Remedy for Kidney Stone Removal  which is the combination of two medicines STONE CURE  Powder and URSI Syrup,

Stone cureStone Cure powder works on dissolution of stone instead-of breaking kidney stone with the help of 29 rare & effective herbs like ( Punarnava, Chitrak, Gokhru, Patarchitta, Kulthi, Akarkara, Makoi, Shatavari etc) present in STONE CURE Powder. These herbs ease the dissolution of Kidney stone and  pass with urine through the urinary tract.
Ursi SyrupUrsi syrup helps in Improving Internal Function like Boosts Metabolism, Enhance Liver Functions and Improve Digestive disorder which plays a major role in Stone Generation. This syrup is packed with Anti-Oxidants which helps in detoxification of kidney, flushing out stones and other toxins from kidney which helps in improving kidney health.
Ursi syrup plays a major role in preventing Re-generation of kidney stones which was a major problem among kidney stone patients . Ursi syrup also lowers the urine’s acidic level which prevents Urinary Disorders (Burning sensation, Inflammation, Improper flow of Urine) & Urinary Tract Infection- UTI.
So we provide both the medicines as combination which helps to dissolve the stone and stops
Re-generation of Stone.


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