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Obesity or Overweight is the condition of Body in which the calories consumption is greater than calories burned, Due to which excess Calories stored in the form of fat in human body. It means when the calories consumed is greater than the need of calories which causes Overweight or Obesity, Most common reasons for this condition is eating High fat foods or High Calorie Food and Lack of Physical Activity. Obesity or Excess weight is a complex disease not just a Beauty concern. It is a medical problem that increases risk of many other diseases and health issue, like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers.

Vedas Mantra comes with unique methodology of Weight Loss or Obesity cure which works on core concept of Ayurveda and Diet Management program which helps in maintaining Metabolic Activities and Digestive Process those are main cause of excess weight gain. We control Obesity and reduce extra stored fats by reducing the fat carrying channels produced by body.

Certified Healthcare Consultants

Provide 24X7 consultation and resolve queries regarding weight Loss Program.

Experienced Dietitians.

Our Experienced Dietitians helps to maintain healthy diet.

Certified Healthcare Consultants

Provide 24X7 consultation and resolve queries regarding weight Loss Program.

Experienced Dietitians.

Our Experienced Dietitians helps to maintain Healthy Body Weight through healthy diet.

Is It Possible to Lose Weight Naturally ?

Get Your Desired Shape & Weight ...

Yes you can lose your extra weight naturally, But you have to faith in your mind that you can lose your weight and always think positive towards it. You just have to take measures in your Diet plan, Regular exercise and always remember to take calories as much you need. Avoid extra storage of calories.Along with these steps take Vedas obesity mantra regularly which help in stabilize digestive process and improve metabolism which is a major cause of weight gain.

Signs and Symptoms of Obesity & Overweight ...

When your waist line increase or high reading on your weighing scale indicates you are obese or Overweight.

Overweight causes laziness due to lack of energy because of slow metabolism.

High sweating

Overweight person may suffer high sweating even in less physical activity.


Overweight peoples are always feeling tiredness even in less physical activity.

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Body can maintain by small change in your Unhealthy Lifestyle

Obesity or overweight mainly develop due to our unhealthy Lifestyle like lack of physical Activity or daily exercise, Unhealthy diet, Junk food, Fast food or Oily food. So by making small changes in our daily lifestyle we can avoid the risk of obesity, overweight and loss extra unhealthy weight, you can take steps to prevent unhealthy weight gain and related health problems. Not surprisingly, the steps to prevent weight gain are the same as the steps to lose weight :-

> Physical Exercise – Doing 15-20 minutes of Physical Activities regularly can prevent Excess Weight Gain.

> Healthy Eating Management – Healthy eating always helps in avoiding overweight or reduce the body fat.

> Monitor Body Weight Regularly – Always monitor your body weight by regular body weight check and calories consume and burn.

Approach of Vedas Obesity Cure On Obesity.

We Have All Your Weight Loss Needs...
Boost Weigh Lose

Helps to reduces extra fat stored in your Body

Control Food Craving

Stop craving for Unhealthy foods or Artificial Sugar.

Fat Carrying Channels

Helps in reducing the fat Carrying channel Avoid Excess Fat Gain.

Boost Slow Metabolism

Boosting Slow Metabolism will helps to loose weight.

Digestive Disorders

Helps to improve Digestive Process and avoid obesity .

Reduce Risk of Disease

Obesity, Overweight can led to many Chronic diseases.

Maintain Cholesterol

Remove Bad Cholesterol from our body.

Healthy Body & Mind

Ease your life & gives the confidence of Healthy life.

We Love to See You Healthy.

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I was suffered a lot due to my weight nd i am just 28 years old and my weight is 98 kg. Due to busy schedule and long sitting job i am completely out of physical activities. I was very much depressed due to my weight & Looks, Then One day I saw ad of Vedas Obesity Mantra then started using & lose 5 kg in just one month.Great Product.!
Diwakar Parmar
2 years earlier I have chubby body with excess fat and always have a dream of slim body. After using a lot of products sometime my weight gets dropped but when i stop taking them again gaining weight so i am looking for permanent weight lose. Then i saw Vedas Obesity Mantra and start using and lose 12 kg weight in just 3 months and still not gaining weight by just following diet Plan.
Ridhi Verma
I am a software engineer so i have to spend 8-10 hours on my seat and less physical activity. Due to which i am continuously gaining weight & also suffered acidity, Gastric problems. Then one of my colleague show me the product named Vedas Obesity Mantra and without wasting time i bought it and started using it after 1 month i lose 5 kg and resolve all digestive Disorders.
Akash Rohatgi
After Pregnancy my weight is increased rapidly then one day my husband ordered Vedas Obesity Mantra. After getting product Vedas health consultants call me & provide me a diet plan which i have to take along with Obesity Mantra they guided me every step what & When i have to eat or what not,to eat. and a week feeling was awesome and after one month i checked my weight i loss 6kg that like my dream comes true. I continue used it for 3 months and loses 13 kg and that was an ideal weight for me.
Nisha Mehta
Used this Vedas Obesity Mantra.! Just Lose 2kg in first month then i called to their executives as i am not getting much results as promised. Then they told me that i am not doing right things with my diet and guided me again for 2nd month & I loss 5 kg in that month then i used continuously for 6 months and lose total 14 kgs, Now i am still stuck with my diet restriction even after getting desired weight.
Shipra Khandkar

FAQ's About Vedas Slim Mantra

Learn How its work!

Vedas Slim Mantra is Ayurvedic Medicine made from high potency & rare herbs extracts there is no chemical or preservatives used in it. It is a licensed proprietary ayurvedic medicine approved by Indian Ayush Deptt so there will be No clue of any side Effect.

It all depend on your desirable weight which you want to acheive. 

Vedas Slim Mantra is a non habit forming medicine and it works on root cause along with diet management which was a key factor for  long term & almost permanent excess weight loss. By just taking diet measures and some small change in your Lifestyle the excess weight will not be repeated, However It’s a Human Body we can’t predict for next moment. There is a reason for every disease & if reason is not repeated there will no future weight gain.

Yes, All kind of Non-vegetarian food,Alcohol, High Oxalate Food, Junk food, Oily & Spicy food,Seeds Containing Vegetables any other food which is not easily digestible.

Slim mantra can be taken safely along with any another medication including Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic Medicine. Diabetic, Blood pressure & heart patient should continue their medication along with this course. Before stopping or starting any medication always consult your Doctor first.

Before taking any medicines you have to consult with our health consultant, who prescribe you the correct dosage and according to your health condition.

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