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Vedas UTI Care Medicine – 200ml


  • Cure Infection in Bladder, Urinary Tract, Ureter.
  • Removes Bacteria developed in Urinary System.
  • Provides Instant relief in Ureter or Tract Pain while Urination.
  • Normalize problem of Blood in Urine, Smoky Urine.
  • Reduce the chance of Future bacterial Infection.
  • Increase & Improve Proper Urinary Flow.
  • Resolve Burning, Inflammation & Enhance Urinary Functions.
  • 100 % Natural & Safe.
  • Certified By AYUSH | GMP | WHO.
  • Zero Side Effects.
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Urinary Tract Infection can be resolved completely with the help Ayurveda. Vedas Mantra provides Vedas URSI-Care Mantra which is a Root Cause based treatment for all types of UTI problem whether in men or women. URSI Care medicine is the combination of 32 rare herbs which helps in resolving infection and provide relief from Urinary disorders and provide smooth urine flow. It helps to boost immunity which helps in fighting micro bacteria developed in urinary system and it also act as anti-oxidant which help in flush out the bacteria developed in urinary system.

Anti-Inflammatory Agent and relief in Burning Sensation during Urination and gives a smooth urination.

> Removes the Bacteria developed in Urinary System.

> Provide Instant Relief in pain.

> Reduce the chances of Future Infection.

> Enhance & Boost Urinary Functions.

> Improve Urine Flow.

> Resolve Burning, Inflammation.


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