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About Stone Cure Medicine ....

STONE-CURE is the combination of two Types of Medicine Stone cure powder & Ursi Syrup, Where stone cure powder works on dissolution of Stone and syrup works on Discomforts and root cause of stone generation. It is the best ayurvedic medicine available in India for the permanent cure of stone. Our methodology ensures the natural & safe cure of stone problems without any requirement of surgery.

Stone Cure Powder
Methodology of stone cure powder work on dissolving of stone instead of breaking, which avoids the risk of blockage and infection in ducts.This medicine is proven to penetrate in cell membrane and start dissolving the layers of stone instantly.We used most unique methodology which was developed by doctors in Scientific lab with the combination of 41 rare herbs without adding any preservatives or chemicals thus it does not have any side effect even have lots of side benefits.

Ursi syrup
It is an anti-inflammatory formula used to instant calm acute pain, reduce swelling, urine bleeding, vomiting and other Discomforts of Stone. This Ayurvedic medicine is proven to stops Re-Generation of stone which was found in 80% stone patients. Liquid acts directly on lever to improve the functioning of lever and boost metabolism and relief from fatty lever issue which would be helpful in dissolving stone inside human body. This Medicine very precisely acts on infections at bladder, bile duct, Urinary tract & is therefore excellent choice to relief tract infections in Ureter & Gall Bladder region. This Ayurvedic medicine immediately acts on following complications.

☛ Instant releif in Unbearable pain of stone.
☛ Stops Re-Generation of Stones.
☛ Bleeding, Burning, Inflammation, Swelling, Vomiting & needle pricking sensation.
☛ Boost up Lever Functions.
☛ Acidity, Gastric, Indigestion & Increase the Energy Levels.
☛ Discharge of Urine.

Major Advantages of STONE-CURE

☛ No More waiting about results, usually acts in 7-8 days.
☛ Avoid costly, complicated & repeated Harmful surgeries.
☛ No More consumption of Harmful Drugs.
☛ Don't worry about Regeneration of Stone.
☛ Gives a Smooth Urination.
☛ No More long term antibiotics & pain killers.
☛ No More Costly checkups.
☛ No More leaves, bed rests & hospitalization.
☛ No More doubts about product safety & side effects.

Diet Restrictions / Recommendations

During the course of STONE-CURE we provide a Diet Controller Diet Plan developed by experienced Dietitian and it is strictly advised to follow during medication in order to help medicine to work properly & get appropriate and permanent results.Diet plays a very important role in curing of stone.

☛ Avoid eating anything for half an hour after dosage.
☛ Drink Plenty of water or Fluids.
☛ Avoid High protien containing food.
☛ Avoid Aerated drinks Like Cola.
☛ Avoid Highly Oxalated food such as spinach.
☛ Avoid Junk Food or fast food.
☛ Avoid Artificial Sugar & High Salt.
☛ Avoid fried dishes & Spicy food.
☛ Avoid Alcohol during medication days.
☛ Avoid Non-veg food including egg.
☛ Take Easily digestible but complete food.

STONE-CURE Working Mechanism On Stones

Stone is hard deposit of concentrated solid minerals and salt in some of our body Parts, those some times block the ducts or infected body parts. A combination of Stone Cure powder and Ursi Syrup works very preciously on those stones and cure them by dissolving stone. Ursi Syrup gives instant relief in pain and works on boosting internal function like lever enhance, smooth metabolism, Improving digestion. Patient gets tremendous improvement in his condition during medication, Even suffering from very longtime no need of harmful surge

 Stone-Cure plays major role are as it :-

> Acts as Anti-Inflammatory Agent and relief in Burning Sensation during Urination and gives a smooth urination.

> Provide Instant Relief in pain & Even during Medication There will be no Clue of Pain.

> Reduce the chances of Regeneration.

> Enhace & Boost Lever Functions.

> Normalise the Slow Metabolism.

> Reason of Energetic feeling.

Stops Continous Regeneration of Stone

The main causes of kidney stone is our unhealthy Lifestyle, Improper Diet and lack of intake or Heredatery fluids which effects our internal functions like Digestive Function, Liver Functioning and proper urination. When our digestion is weak then the minerals and salts present in our Food and Water which we consume did not digest properly and then these solid particles stored in our organs simultaneously and causes stone. 

Around 70% Kidney Stone patients having past history of kidney stone. In multiple stone the problem is same, here the patient body continuously generating stone,To stop that process of regeneration of stone VedasMantra focus on  Root cause of stone generation not only flush out stone .In Vedasmantra we provide Root-Cause based treatment with Ayurvedic medications along with the proper diet management which helps to not only flush out stone but also works on the root cause of stone Generation and Helps to Enhance Digestive Functions and Boost Liver Functioning to get rid of Kidneys Stones generation for a Long Time Period.

Safety Profile of Stone-Cure

STONE-CURE contains high potency extracts & mixture of 29 herbs and does not containing any added chemicals, flavors, preservative. Every Medicine is carefully tested in govt.approved labs for best results and avoiding any side effects.

We recommend not to take Medicine for Pregnancy and below 10 year age patients.There will be no Known side effects of STONE-CURE however patient may get frequent urge of urination, Thrust of drinking water, But no need to worry it all helps in stone dissolving. All Products are approved by Indian Ayush Deptt. and GMP certified so feel free to take medicine.

FAQ's About Stone Cure

Learn How its work!

Stone Cure is Ayurvedic Medicine made from high potency & rare herbs extracts there is no chemical or preservatives used in it.Stone-CURE is a licensed proprietary ayurvedic medicine approved by Indian Ayush Deptt so there will be No clue of any side Effect.

Usually patients having 0-5 mm stone requires only 30 day course,& 5-10 mm stone requires 45 days course, in some rare cases of multiple stones usually requires extended courses.

Stone-Cure Medicine is a non habit forming medicine and it works on root cause along with diet management which was a key factor for stoping the Re-generation of stone for long term & almost permanent. By just taking diet measures and some small change in your Lifestyle the ailment will not be repeated, However It’s a Human Body we can’t predict for next moment. There is a reason for every disease & if reason is not repeated there will not be any regeneration of Stone.

All kind of Non-vegetarian food,Alcohol, High Oxalate Food, Junk food, Oily & Spicy food,Seeds Containing Vegetables any other food which is not easily digestible.

Stone Cure Medicine can be taken safely along with any another medication including Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic Medicine. Diabetic, Blood pressure & heart patient should continue their medication along with this course. Before stopping or starting any medication always consult your Doctor first.

Before taking any medicines you have to consult with our health consultant, who prescribe you the correct dosage and medicine according to your health condition.

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