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Stone Cure Medicine Combo (2 Syrup + 1 Powder)


  • Flush Out Kidney Stone, Gall Bladder Stone, Ureter Stone.
  • Helps Quick Stone Dissolution.
  • Stops Regeneration of Stones.
  • Instant Relief in Pain, Act as Natural Pain Killer.
  • Treats Urine Related Problems.
  • Corrects Liver Functioning.
  • Improves digestive system.
  • 100 % Natural & Safe.
  • Certified By AYUSH | GMP | WHO.
  • Zero Side Effects.

Stone-Cure treatment is a Natural Remedy for Kidney Stone Removal  which is the combination of two medicines STONE CURE  Powder and URSI Syrup, Where Stone Cure powder works on dissolution of stone instead-of breaking kidney stone with the help of 29 rare & effective herbs present in STONE CURE Powder & URSI syrup. So we provide both the medicines combination which helps to dissolve the stone and stops Re-generation of Stone.


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