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Ureter Stones ?

Ureter are the tubes through which the urine travels from kidney to Bladder & The hard deposit of minerals in urinary tract is called Ureter Stone. These stones may generate in ureter or stone particles pass down from kidney to ureter. Ureter stone is generated when minerals presents in stagnated urine gets crystallized and form a mass called as stone.If the size of stone is small then it may pass through urine but if the size is large then it may gets stuck in ureter, Bladder or urinary tract which obstruct the flow of urine and sometime infected ureter or urinary tract while passing through. The function of Urinary Tract is to Drain body waste through removal of Urine and if the stone stuck somewhere in urinary tract then it will be responsible for blocking the path of urine which become a serious problem.These types of stone may be the key reason for bleeding in urine, Burning sensation while urinate, frequent urge to urination, Improper flow of Urine or Pain while Urination.

Ureter Stone in Different Organs :-

Ureter Tube Stone

When the stone generated or pass from kidney to the connecting tube through which urine pass from Kidney to Bladder called as Ureter stone.

Bladder Stone

When minerals in Urine becomes concentrated then it crystallize and form stone inside Bladder or stone pass from ureter are Bladder Stones.

Urethra Stone

When the stone generated in Kidney, Ureter or Bladder & pass through the Bladder with urine may stuck in urethra then it called as Urethra stone.

Urinary Tract Stone

Stones developed in Kidney, Ureter, Bladder and comes with the flow of urine and gets stuck in urinary tract is known as Urinary Tract Stone.

Symptoms of Ureter Stone

Some of The Common Symptoms other than pain are...

1. Less amount of urine or improper Flow while urination.
2. Sometime not able to Urinate due to Blockage of Ureter or Urinary Tract.
3. Burning Sensation & Inflammation while urination.
4. Pain Radially fluctuate with an higher Intensity.
5. Severe Pain in Lower Back, waist & Abdomen Area in such Acute cases .
6. Change of urine color Yellow, Brown and red with intense pain in acute cases.
7. Nausea, Vomiting & Fever may occurs gradually.
8. Frequent urge to urinate than usual.
9. Urinary Tract Infection.

Causes Of Ureter Stone

Those having Family History of Stone and having Bowel Inflammation, Urinary Tract infection or Digestive Disorders higher the risk of generation of Ureter Stone. There is also a lot of cause for this ailments however the basic causes are:-

1. Lesser Intake of water becomes a major cause of stones. As Lesser Consumption of Fluids/Water increase the chance of having Stone.
2. When Urine contains excess amount of concentrated oxalate and it becomes as Insoluble Crystals then risk of stone forming suddenly rises.
3. Urinary Tract infection may lead to Stone Generation.
4. Inflammatory Bowel disease also causes Ureter Stone.
5. High Oxalate, Protein, Sodium and rich calcium containing foods also increase the risk of Stone.
6. If Liver is not working properly or not acting like full vigor or Liver is Fatty then the risk of stone generation Higher.
7. Obesity also a cause of forming Ureter stone.
8. Aerated Drinks or Soft drinks are also a big reason of stone formation.


Ureter Stone is very common and Serious problem in current time many of complications occur due to Ureter Stone are as follows :-

1. The Path of urine flow gets block due to Ureter Stone.
2. Urinary Disorders occurs due to formation of Ureter Stones.
3. Amount of Urine produced becomes less as compared to urge of urinating.
4. Complications like Improper Flow, Pain, Burning sensation while urination due to Ureter stones.
5. Sometime blood and puss come along with urine.
6. Urinary Tract Infection occurs due to Ureter stone.
7. Hypertension or High B.P due to Ureter stone.


Small change in lifestyle & Eating habits can make you stone Free..

1. Drink plenty of Fluids & water atleast 4-5 litres in a day.
2. Eat Plenty of fiber rich foods Fruits Vegetables, Pulses, Beans Aiming to 30g Fiber a day.
3. Avoid Aerated, Caffine & Alcohol containing Drinks.
4. Keep doing Physical Exercise to improve Metabolism & keep you lever working properly.
5. Avoid High Salt & Artificial Sugar intake because salt is rich in sodium & increase the risk of developing stone.
6. Don’t fight with the urge of urination when you urge to go,just go for urination it is the simplest way to prevent.

Regeneration or Multiple Occurance of Stone

The main causes of Ureter stone is our unhealthy Lifestyle, Improper Diet and lack of intake of fluids which effects our internal functions like Digestive Function, Liver Functioning and proper urination. When our digestion is weak then the minerals and salts present in our Food and Water which we consume did not digest properly and then these solid particles stored in our organs simultaneously and causes stone. 

Around 70% of  Stone patients have history of stone in past. In multiple stone the problem is same, here the patient body continuously generating stone,To stop that process of regeneration of stone VedasMantra focus on  Root cause of stone generation not only flush out stone .In Vedasmantra we provide Root-Cause based treatment with Ayurvedic medications along with the proper diet management which helps to not only flush out stone but also works on the root cause of stone Generation and Helps to Enhance Digestive Functions and Boost Liver Functioning to get rid of Kidneys Stones generation for a Long Time Period.



According to Ayurveda Human Body remains disease free until three Doshas remain balanced “VATA, PITTA & KAPHA” . Imbalancing In PITTA Dosha creates Digestive Disorders which lead to VAATA Dhosa & effect the functioning of Lever & result Slow Metabolism, Indigestion, Acidity, Gastric, Constipation,due to which the minerals and salts present in our food not digest properly and continuously deposit in different organs of body in the form of stone.


Liver is an important organ of human body whose function is to produce metabolites & other digestive bio-chemical necessary for digestion of food.But due to our Unhealthy Lifestyle or Higher Consumption of Alcohol the functioning of lever is effected which results fatty lever and increases the risk of stone generation. Basic Mechanism of STONE-CURE works on dissolving of stone and cure it from root cause even in acute cases, Herbs used in STONE-Cure preventing Re-generation of Stone which is a major problem for stone patients.

Stone-Cure medicine is the combination of two medicines stone cure powder and stone cure Syrup, where Stone Cure powder works on dissolution of stone instead-of breaking stone into Particles because when these particles trying to go out with urine may cause blockage in urinary tract or lead to infection in tract or bladder, So we focus to dissolve it with the help of rare & effective herbs formulation of Stone-Cure Powder & Stone Cure syrup work on Discomforts due to Stone like  Pain in Lower back region,  Improper Urination, Digestive Disorders and cure the root causes of stone generation which stop the Re-generation of Stone. Stone-Cure Syrup also boosting up lever functioning, Improve metabolism and stabilize Digestive Disorders, So the combination of both medicine prescribed which not only flush out stone but also cures the root causes of stone generation or stops Re-generation of stones. Stone-Cure plays major role are as it :-

> Acts as Anti-Inflammatory Agent and relief in Burning Sensation during Urination and gives a smooth urination.

> Provide Instant Relief in pain & Even during Medication There will be no Clue of Pain.

> Reduce the chances of Regeneration.

> Enhace & Boost Lever Functions.

> Normalise the Slow Metabolism.

> Reason of Energetic feeling.

FAQ's About Stone Cure

Learn How its work!

Stone Cure is Ayurvedic Medicine made from high potency & rare herbs extracts there is no chemical or preservatives used in it.Stone-CURE is a licensed proprietary ayurvedic medicine approved by Indian Ayush Deptt so there will be No clue of any side Effect.

Usually patients having 0-5 mm stone requires only 30 day course,& 5-10 mm stone requires 45 days course, in some rare cases of multiple stones usually requires extended courses.

Stone-Cure Medicine is a non habit forming medicine and it works on root cause along with diet management which was a key factor for stoping the Re-generation of stone for long term & almost permanent. By just taking diet measures and some small change in your Lifestyle the ailment will not be repeated, However It’s a Human Body we can’t predict for next moment. There is a reason for every disease & if reason is not repeated there will not be any regeneration of Stone.

All kind of Non-vegetarian food,Alcohol, High Oxalate Food, Junk food, Oily & Spicy food,Seeds Containing Vegetables any other food which is not easily digestible.

Stone Cure Medicine can be taken safely along with any another medication including Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic Medicine. Diabetic, Blood pressure & heart patient should continue their medication along with this course. Before stopping or starting any medication always consult your Doctor first.

Before taking any medicines you have to consult with our health consultant, who prescribe you the correct dosage and medicine according to your health condition.

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