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Lose your  Extra inches from the targeted area of your Body without any exercise or crash Diets.

Inch Loss Treatment ?

Inch Loss Program helps to reduce the inches of Targeted body parts such as Belly, Hips, Thigh, Shoulder, Hands etc. Inch loss required when stubborn fat get stored in such typical areas. Inch Loss Treatment is different from weight Loss.
In inch Loss Program you get thinner without getting any change in your weight. Inch Loss means losing inches from typical Areas where the fat stored like Belly, Waist, Hips, Thighs. High Belly Fat and waist circumference is due to excess fat storage which may lead to the risk of many Chronic disease like BP, Heart disease etc.

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About Vedas Shaper Mantra Gel ....

Vedas Shaper Mantra Gel is a 30 days guaranteed Inch Loss product  which not only focuses on Subcutaneous fat but also Visceral fat. Visceral fat is forms around your organs and Subcutaneous fat is one which forms under the surface of skin. Workout can reduce Subcutaneous fat but Visceral fat can be difficult to lose.Vedas Shaper Mantra Gel targets and eliminates stubborn Subcutaneous fat usually found on the belly or hips area, which are resistant to diet and exercise. Target Areas are Abdomen, Outer Thighs, Inner Thighs, Arms.

Vedas Shaper Mantra creates various biological processes in the body cells which enables the proper functionality of the cells, it activates bio-stimulation, and stimulates micro-circulation and promotes metabolic hyper-activation.Vedas Shaper Mantra is effective in fat reduction, skin tightening, body shaping. This Miracle Body Shaping Gel is a hassle-free body re-sculpting procedure that helps in sculpting body into the desired shape, It improve the skin’s micro-circulation and metabolism for a slimmer and shapely body. Shaper Mantra Gel comes in contact with the stored stubborn fat cells which warm up the cells and bubbles are formed inside the fat cells which expand and melts resulting in discharge of the fat in the form of high sweating which also reduce the unwanted cellulite.

What Our Customers Say about Us ...

I was very worried about my waist size & tired of using different types products but nothing happens then One day one of my Friend told me about Vedas Shaper Gel & recommend to use it once and after using the magic Happens I reduced my waist 2 inch in just 3 weeks without any Exercise or crash Diet.
Nikita Madan
New Delhi
I have heavy thigh which demolish my Look completely even not comfortable in wearing skinny pants then I saw the advertisement of Vedas Shaper Gel and thinking to give a trial, & started using it After using 1 month i checked my thigh size it was dropped around 1.5 Inches.
Vedpal Chaudhary
I had quite perfect body except my tummy which was coming out and destroy my whole body look, Then i came to know about Vedas Shaper Gel and start using it best thing of this gel is you can use it anytime anywhere after two month i loose 3 inches and got flat tummy thanx Vedas.
Richa Gupta

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